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New server package with a specific bot for training

Daniele | WCCI2008 | Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

A new version of the server package is out (Linux / Windows Patch).

In this version we fixed a little bug in the computation of the distRaced  sensor.
In addition we developed a new sever, called wcci2008trainer , with a very “gentle” timeout on the client answers (10 seconds instead of 10ms). We strongly suggest you to use this bot to develop/learn your bot especially if you are working under Windows and with “results only” display mode. In fact there are some issues related to the timeouts under Windows when “results only” display mode is used. However, before submitting your entries be sure that your bot works properly with the strict timing requirements (i.e., 10ms) at normal speed (i.e., “normal” display mode and speed 1X). Final evaluation will be performed using the strict timing constraints at 1X speed.

To install the new server package

  • under Windows: copy the update patch in your main TORCS directory and unzip it (answer “yes to all” to overwriting questions).
  • under Linux: compile and re-install the wcci2008competition bot and compile and install the wcci2008training bot following the User Manual instructions.

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